Living History

►Camp Beauregard - Water Valley

Established in Water Valley in 1861, its purpose was to protect the eastern flank of Columbus, KY. It also served as a recruiting and training center. At its peak housed 6000 men. No actual battles were fought here but several scouting parties engaged in skirmishes. Epidemics of typhoid, TB and pneumonia took the toll of men stationed here. Over 2000 confederate soldiers are buried here.

Confederate Monument - Courthouse Square - Mayfield

The 1917 monument is significant to Graves County. A strongly Confederate community, Mayfield was occupied by a small Union force in 1864 and the citizens were forced to build an earthen fortification around the Courthouse. Only one of four Civil War fountains in Kentucky.

Wooldridge Monuments - Mayfield
In a plot of Maplewood Cemetery are the unusual stone figures of an eccentric aristocrat and Civil War soldier. Henry Wooldridge (buried here in 1899), his family, friends and favorite animals are enshrined here. Tagged as "The Strange Procession That Never Moves". Open 8AM to 6PM Central Time.

Edana Locus - Mayfield
Seventeen room mansion built in 1926 as a private home for Ed and Annie Gardner. Used as a public library for 32 years and now home to the Mayfield Graves County Chamber of Commerce and Graves County Economic Development. Edana is for "Ed & Anna" and "Locus" is Latin for "place".

►St. Jerome Church & St. Jerome 1909 - Fancy Farm
Located 10 miles west of Mayfield on Route 80. It was settled by Roman Catholics starting in 1829 and the community grew around St. Jerome Church, build in 1836. The village is the site of the annual Fancy Farm Picnic, famous as a traditional political gathering featuring state and national political figures. The school, bold in 1909 is currently being renovated back to its original design. On the National Register of Historic Places.

West Kentucky Museum - Mayfield
Located in the historic Ice House, this museum highlights the history of Graves County with an emphasis on tobacco and other industries which grew the county.