City of Mayfield’s “Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt”


Oct 29 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Calling all Trick-or-Treaters!!!

The City of Mayfield needs your help!  Frankenstein – famously afraid of fire – has stolen one of our fire trucks, and we need YOUR help to find it!

All that he’s left us is a clue sheet and a map, showing the locations of a series of riddles he’s hidden at businesses across our community.  On Friday, October 29th, (from 3-5 pm), we’ll give you this map and then need you to visit these businesses, solve the riddles, and help us find our fire truck (and get lots of candy in the process)!

The riddles are printed on slips of paper and will be handed out by businesses (along with your treats).  Each business will have one riddle to give away.  Some businesses might have the same riddle, so don’t worry if you get the same riddle more than once – Frankenstein is a tricky fellow!

Once you’ve answered all the riddles and filled in your clue sheet, you’ll find out where Frankenstein is hiding our truck.  Go there, catch him “green-handed”, and turn in your completed clue sheet to be entered into a drawing with for cash and prizes, all to thank you for your hard work!

And remember, the best detective is a safe detective!  Be sure to stay spread out from your fellow ghouls and goblins; you never know who’s a spy!

Good Luck!  We’re counting on you!

-Mayor Kathy O’Nan

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