Who We Are!

About Us

The mission of the Mayfield-Graves County (MGC) Tourism Commission is to promote and support local attractions, activities, and events that bring visitors to Mayfield and Graves County, with special emphasis on overnight stays. The Tourism Commission is a quasi-governmental body funded through a 3% transient room tax (KRS 91A), implemented by local ordinances, and applied to overnight stays at Mayfield and Graves County hotels and lodges.

Members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Mayfield to meet the requirements of KRS 91A.

Jodie Hansen, Chairman
Tara Straub, Vice-Chairman
Alex Goodman, Treasurer
Al Nathu, Hotel Representative
Kim Gardner, Restaurant Representative
Mike Perkins
Rupert Holmes

Ex-Officio Members:
Mayfield Mayor Kathy O’Nan
Graves County Commissioner Tyler Goodman
Allison Morris, Mayfield/Graves County Chamber of Commerce

Jennifer Beck Walker, Executive Directo