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Outdoor recreation

Mayfield Parks

Mayfield & Graves County has many options for outdoor recreation, including 6 parks, a baseball complex, a soccer complex, a golf course, and an 8,265-acre national wildlife refuge. Kess Creek Park (201 Locust Street) includes a disc golf course, a fishing pond, a spray park, walking trails, picnic pavilions, and playground equipment.

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Kaler Bottoms National Wildlife Refuge

Graves County also is home to a National Wildlife Refuge located in Kaler Bottoms, eight miles northeast of Mayfield.  This Refuge includes 1,843 acres along a 40-mile stretch of Clarks River. There are no established roads or trails, but hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing are allowed, by season and Kentucky law. This is the only National Wildlife Refuge located entirely within Kentucky and it is owned by the Kentucky Department of Wildlife.